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Villa Ilias Caldera Hotel - Santorini

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The Damigos family has been a part of Santorini history for over a century.Villa Ilias is the former residence of one of our
ancestors, George Ilias Damigos.It is built on this specific location to capture breath taking views that are unique only to
Villa Ilias and perched 1,000 feet above the Aegean Sea and the most famous Volcano in the world.

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Firostefani Santorini

The world famous village of Firostefani is situated at the northern west part of Santorini Island. As its name indicates – in Greek means the Crown of Fira – Firostefani is the most prominent part of Fira, the capital of Santorini. Lying 350 meters above sea level, Firostefani literally surveys the sea of Caldera and Santorini’s Volcano. Well known for its hotels, private homes and restaurants, Firostefani is the place to stay in Santorini. Firostefani is in a very close proximity to Fira which concentrates all the stores, restaurants, bars and nightlife of Santorini Island. The walking path that leads Firostefani to Fira is an attraction by itself, providing you with amazing views of the Volcano and the Caldera, along with tranquility and a cool breeze from the sea of Caldera. While in a close proximity, Firostefani is also a place where you can relax and escape from the busy center. Sit back on your comfortable chair of your favorite Firostefani’s hotel and enjoy what Nature has to offer you.

Why Firostefani?

Firostefani: an ideal location for your stay


A non-biased examination of the main reasons for which one should stay in Firostefani is:


  • Firostefani offers superb views towards the Volcano, Caldera and the famous sunset
  • Firostefani features some of the best hotels in Santorini
  • Easy access from Fira or any other part of Santorini
  • Easy to find parking
  • Walking distance to Fira
  • Peaceful surroundings. (Away from the busy Fira)
  • Experienced hoteliers, restaurateurs and store keepers
  • Bus stop
  • Convenient stores, travel agencies, coffee shops available

The philosophy of Villa Ilias

What distinguishes Villa Ilias from other hotels is not merely its location, its facilities and the breathtaking view. It is the mission and philosophy of the Damigos family to introduce their guests to the legendary Greek Hospitality. Villa Ilias provides exemplary and personalized service, cozy accommodations and a taste of authentic Greek foods and wines grown only on Santorini.

At Villa Ilias the Damigos family believes traveling should be a chance to share new cultures and a more personal experience with the local community. We are confident the Damigos family will help you realize that.

Villa Ilias
Best (Serviced Apartment) Firostefani

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