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Directions to Villa Ilias

From the airport:You can take a taxi, telling the driver to drive you to Villa-Ilias at Firostefani. The distance of Villa-Ilias from the airport is approximately 6km (12 minutes). You can also take the local bus which will drive you at Fira’s central bus station. This option is not recommended though, because the bus does not run frequently (every one hour). 


From the port: You can either take a taxi or the local bus which runs very frequently. The bus will drive you to Fira’s central bus station. The port is 10 km away from Villa Ilias.


With your Car: You should follow the main road (either you are arriving at the airport/port) to Fira, the Capital of Santorini. When you reach Fira and particularly the central square you will follow the main road towards Firostefani. Our hotel’s parking is on the main road (300 meters after Saint Gerasimos a dominant church with blue dome on the main road). There is a pink hotel sign on the main road indicating the entrance of the parking.


From Fira’s central bus station: Fira’s central bus station is approximately 1.2km away from Villa-Ilias. In order to reach Villa-Ilias from the central bus station you have the following options: You can walk. (15 minutes on foot). It is not recommended if you carry heavy luggage. You can take the bus which runs to Oia village and disembark at the bus station of Firostefani. (note: you must tell the driver that you intent to disembark at Firostefani). Upon reaching the bus station of Firostefani, you just need to walk 150 meters uphill in order to reach Villa Ilias. Our reception has entrance both from the car's road and the walking path. You can take a taxi from the nearby taxi station.


Arrange your transportation with us: Villa-Ilias, in co-operation with a travel agent, arranges transfers from the airport and Port to Villa-Ilias at the price of 20 euro for 2 persons. If you are interested just send us the full details of your arrival and we will arrange it for you. A driver will be at the port/airport upon your arrival holding a sign with your name to drive you to Villa-Ilias.

About Firostefani

The world famous village of Firostefani is situated at the northern west part of Santorini Island. As its name indicates – in Greek means the Crown of Fira – Firostefani is the most prominent part of Fira, the capital of Santorini. Lying 350 meters above sea level, Firostefani literally surveys the sea of Caldera and Santorini’s Volcano. Well known for its hotels, private homes and restaurants, Firostefani is the place to stay in Santorini. Firostefani is in a very close proximity to Fira which concentrates all the stores, restaurants, bars and nightlife of Santorini Island. The walking path that leads Firostefani to Fira is an attraction by itself, providing you with amazing views of the Volcano and the Caldera, along with tranquility and a cool breeze from the sea of Caldera. While in a close proximity, Firostefani is also a place where you can relax and escape from the busy center. Sit back on your comfortable chair of your favorite Firostefani’s hotel and enjoy what Nature has to offer you.

Firostefani location

Firostefani location: How to reach us? 

Firostefani is actually a part of Fira. In Greek Firostefani means the “crown” of Fira, the highest part of Fira. So, Firostefani is located at the northern and at the same time highest tip of Fira. It is within a walking distance to Fira. By following the pedestrians’ walking path that goes all along the sea of caldera you could reach the central square of Fira within 15-20 minutes. The walk, itself an attraction, is very enjoyable and peaceful, providing you with superb views over the Caldera, Volcano and the famous sunset. Needless to say that it is safe to walk 24h a day. If you want to reach Fira faster you could also stop a passing by taxi. By a Santorini Taxi you could reach Fira’s central square within two minutes. The taxi’s fare should not exceed 5 EUR. You could also catch the Santorini local buses. It is a convenient option especially if you happen to be at Fira’s central square where the Santorini local buses’ terminal is located. You should opt for the bus that goes to Oia. Firostefani is located on the way of the bus from Fira to Oia. Please note, that you should specifically tell the bus’ driver or the fare collector that you want to stop to Firostefani. Otherwise, you would take the long ride to Oia. Firostefani’s bus station is on the Eastern façade of Agios Gerasimos church. Estimate an average fare of less than 2 EUR per person for Santorini local buses.

Firostefani dining out

Nowadays, Firostefani has an extended variety of good restaurants to choose from. They are all conveniently located around the church of Agios Gerasimos with the exceptions of Simos, Romantica and Salsa which are located on the main road passing by the church. The restaurants which are located around the church of Agios Gerasimos are Aktaion (the oldest and most traditional of all), Vanilla (upper, sophisticated), Sushi Bar, Il Cantuccio (Italian), Pirouni (Traditional Greek), and Mama Thira (Traditional Greek). All of Firostefani restaurants are excellent choices and offer a value for your money. For more details you could try to look them up online.

Why Firostefani?

Firostefani: an ideal location for your stay


A non-biased examination of the main reasons for which one should stay in Firostefani is:


  • Firostefani offers superb views towards the Volcano, Caldera and the famous sunset.
  • Firostefani features some of the best hotels in Santorini
  • Easy access from Fira or any other part of Santorini
  • Easy to find parking
  • Walking distance to Fira
  • Peaceful surroundings (away from the busy Fira)
  • Experienced hoteliers, restaurateurs and store keepers
  • Bus stop
  • Convenient stores, travel agencies, coffee shops available
Villa Ilias
Best (Serviced Apartment) Firostefani

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